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Company Focus and Integrity

We are a consortium of highly professional people. We provide our clients the tool that can develop entrepreneurial spirit and continue the same passion as they grow. Joining us will not just offer an office space, our supportive staff members are dedicated to provide exceptional service.

We believe in reputation and brand building which requires lot of strategic planning and great people around you. Our collaborative environment and assistance on many ways will help you through to build your business for better future. Joining our service office will also offer you the basic need of cutting edge technology requirement. Our technical team will assist you to build your digital space.

Word of mouth is the highest selling proposition, once you refer we are 50% sold. To appraise your effort we offer referral programs.

Whether its business plan or creating a comprehensive marketing plan, admin staff or financial advice, we will not hesitate to help or direct you to the right connect. Our primary focus is to create professional integrity and elevate the experience for the residents. Our resident businesses should thrive with our support and that is why we are making sure our customer service is matched. With a commitment to putting the goals and interests of our clients first, our company provides personal assistance on all the aspects of their future growth without any obligation.

Our role and motive

If you have an idea and you want to work on it don’t dream act on it. Techcons Service is fully equipped, ready to go office. Join us without contract on only one month notice you are free to go. No upfront big capital required to setup professional office environment.

  • Create supportive environment
  • Growth and development of residents
  • Networking opportunities and workshops
  • Resources and assistance

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about tech
Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally. Do not dwell in the past; dream of the future.
about tech
Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present.


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Interested to know more about us, we incurrage open communication Contact us and one of our friendly colleges will assist you in best possible ways.

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Consultant advice

Book my consultancy service for better strategic planning and liaising on behalf of you.

Priya Mishra

CTO and Director

Priya Mishra
Priya Mishra
CTO and Director

Priyambada is a highly confident public speaker capable of effective presentations on a vast variety of complex subjects.Priyambada is highly proficient in risk analysis, application architecture, estimation and collaboration. Clients can confirm that she will always successfully achieve deliverables of complex projects.

Among her clients and her co-workers she is known as the most effective and affirmed consultant in productive relationships with partners and customers.

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Our approach

Starting up a business is quite overwhelming sometime. It is a mix of emotion and faded insight of business requirement creates a lot of hurdles in your growth. We believe having someone to discuss and get coached is important. So if any one approaches us for helping hand we offer genuine support. Being a resident of Techcons office, will not just offer you an address. It is a community to help you save your money, time and not just coaching but also action staff will be available to do the job for you if you need any assistance.

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