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3 Dec

How important are your calls for you? Get assistance from our reception services!



What’s your take on the unanswered calls at your workplace? Do you miss out on some important data because of an unanswered call?

Many SMEs lost a great deal of their business due to unanswered and poorly dealt customer service. With regard to basic customer service, there are three possible stages of dealing with a complaint or inquiry; firstly whether the call gets answered or not, next is the greetings customers receive from the receptionist and lastly how the inquiry is handled and resolved.

The best solution to this problem is working on the automated answering machine system so that your calls get answered every time, they are then diverted to the desired department in your office according to your availability. Otherwise, your message can be recorded as well.

Your problem can also be solved with assistance from the best office solutions; Ausi serviced offices gives you a first contact point call handling through their efficient reception services. They deliver professionalism at all times, their receptionists work in small teams to gather customer loyalty for you. Human relation skills are key to your working needs, receptionists should always be welcoming in this regard as this displays how your workplace is ethical towards their customers or visitors.


Professional call answering means delivering high value of day to day relations with business people. Our trained receptionist gives guests a warm welcome, followed by courtesy and planned guided scripts. Training ensures efficiency, and so a workplace provides good training offers to the employees where they learn necessary techniques of dealing together with their skill delivery.

Apart from the general office hours, we feel that people call at other timings too and expect a good service. So in terms of the development of office solutions, many businesses focus on the development of call answering and recording to entertain your calls and provide a generalized view on your queries. Client services are very carefully handled so that we don’t lose some important offers due to a call.

Reception desk is the important centre of a business which manages your business opportunities, these services save a great deal of your time and money invested on inquiry and call transfers. Moreover, any workplace without these services feels incomplete; individual problem solving is another area of concern at any workplace so reception services prove to be helpful when only a generalized area needs help. Companies focus more on revenue generation, rather than these concerns. Office management should ensure timely employment of receptionists so that every call is handled smartly and professionally. Ausi services are aligned perfectly for your reception service needs, where you take care of your business and we handle all the talking.

So, take advantage of expert services to maintain a professional touch at your workplace. Our assigned receptionists are prepared as good as our whole staff is trained, we are aware of all the customer requirements; hence we provide flexibility to save your valuable work hours.


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