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Is your first business impression possible through reception services?
8 Oct

Is your first business impression possible through reception services?

You only get one chance to get judged, make the most out of it through careful transformation.

Technology has taken over our lives drastically, from all areas of management to manufacturing; everything is automated. With over thousands of flexible facilities being offered to our clients, one of them is the automated form of reception desk handling. This is assumed to be a faster way of getting through with calls and addressed queries but it does not cover one aspect of customer association i.e. not everyone prefers receiving a voicemail based assistance whenever they call. This is viewed as an irritating factor by many clients due to which the business falls into a trap of losing clients immediately.

With reference to a SME study, if a new customer calls your business and gets a polite and cheerful answer on the other end of the phone which resolves their matters, so the caller’s demands might have been met on the go. Let your customers feel that they are being prioritized more than anything else so that you end up getting higher sales records.

Reception services are the prime center of attraction for all sorts of visitors, whether physically present in the office or talking to a customer representative on call. If they get entertained immediately, so they will take back a positive and healthy response of the firm, otherwise, they will only mention your business name with a bad impression. We cannot afford to lose our customers and create a bad image, can we?

The smarter way to get through with such issues is the appointment of regular, competitive and charming receptionists. The reason why I have described a receptionist as charming is because, she deals with the clients very smartly, is flexible in nature and has a charming personality; moreover a smile on the face is always welcomed. Ausi Serviced Offices helps their clients when appointing a receptionist, their services are well aligned for all types of businesses where they tailor the services to your needs. You have direct control over the greetings for your clients and other controllable factors are also monitored in a timely manner.

Record keeping is equally important, all employees have a different set of tasks to complete and their clients call them for various reasons. We monitor all the calls to assure maximum service for all people associated with the company. In this manner we work with you to streamline your processes and to save your valuable time, these saved working hours can be utilized effectively. Reception services are now taken as a serious task, their appointment, script setting and other work is monitored and goes under training because they are the ones who create your business’s first impression.

Our concern is only with our client base, they should always be assisted and helped out even if it involves going out of the way to do something for them. Hence, reception solutions are a good source of input for your hiring needs.

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