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Reception Services

At AUSi Serviced Office, reception service works as a first contact point with guest welcomes, call handlings and many more. They are your guests’ first contact representing your company when they come through the door. Welcome smile, attentive listening and a proactive attitude gives the first impression on your clients.

A professional face to your business

Relying on its experience in day-to-day relations with business people, AUSi Serviced Officeis powered with advancedcloud PBX technology. We never miss any single information and every call is properly managed. Our trained receptionist gives guest a warm welcome and demonstrates courtesy and professionalism at all times.

Maintaining a high level of quality

AUSi Serviced Office regularly trains its reception teams to develop and maintain a high level of human relations skills. Our reception teamkeeps up your value high whilemanaging your clients or partners over the phone or welcomes at office. We provide reception services to many clients to manage their clients and partners who either visit the office or call your office numbers.

AUSi Serviced Office reception services will ensure

Enhance your caller experience with professional call answering
Reception service will professionally answer calls based on your planned or guided scripts
Your client and partner always have a true receptionist experience
Call IVR will be managed effectively and all calls will be answered
A customised and engaging IVR help to manage your calls effectively
After office hours calls will be configured for the voice recording and emailing services
Your existing number can be ported on our reception services
A new number can be selected for any major cities in Australia to receive calls for your business
Reception services save time and money while keeping costs minimum
Leverage you more time to spend on your business and revenue generations