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Virtual Office

A virtual office is the perfect way to start up your business or run a home-based business, without having the need to keep a dedicated office space. The affordable prices will help you achieve bigger dreams for your company, as well as, having a communication and address service which can be provided through our virtual office. Please click the link below for further information to get started on your virtual office.


It’s challenging to manage the increasing operational office costs mainly due to high office rentals and staffing costs,and so difficult for SME companies and sole traders just starting out. If you have established businessand wanted to increase the profitability or keeps your businessrunning – reducing the office and staffing cost would improve your financial gains. This is where Virtual Office (VO) helps you to reduce the office and staffing costs, invest your time and money on business progressions.

AUSi Serviced Offices’ services offers many solutionsto SME business owners or sole traderswhere they can easily avoid the officeexpenses. You can expect to save a significant amount of time and money as compared to a physical office space when you take advantage of AUSi Serviced Offices’ services. In addition, you get supported from our receptions and administration services that reduceyour effort on day to day office works you saveyour valuable time and money.

AUSi Serviced Offices’ services helps on your most of the office activities for your business and so increases your business productivity and revenue;

  • VR (Virtual Receptionist) support for you all call handling requirements
  • Virtual office address service to receive your mails
  • Receive your parcels and courier packages
  • VA (Virtual Assistance) support for your office emails and follow up calls
  • Local landline numbers for major cities in Australia