Serviced Offices

Our administrative support


We will receive your message and email and communicate you via email. You can collect it at your convenient time. You can also seek assistance to handle your mail and courier management. Phone assistance can also be organised.

Printing Service

At techcons serviced office you will get printing, scan and fax, binding and lamination if required. Other than that if required you can seek for back office support, typing and data entry on affordable price.

IT connectivity

You will receive high speed Wi-Fi facility with no cost. If required basic level of hardware support will be offered on additional cost.

Meeting room facilities

Data projector screen with projector and full screen TV will also be provided in the meeting room for better outcome. On request we will also facilitate the catering services and required item e.g pen pad etc.

Financial support

If are a proud partner with Prospa. With the help of Prospa we can help you to secure some finance in your difficult time, subject to approval.

Digital support

We are one stop branding solution; we offer web, mobile and software solution for your business. If you need anything related to that you will get discounted price. We also offer campaign management and lead generation and our team is not overseas just right next to you.

Hot Desk

Pay as you need office space, from 1 hour, daily or weekly


Private Office 

Dedicated office space for longer , projects


Event Room 

For small to large groups & events



Greeting clients to receiving phone calls

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