Telephony Services

Landline numbers for cities

Get instant landline numbers which are available on our cloud PBX for all major cities in Australia, and increase your business presence to many cities. It was never easy before to get the local multiple city numbers on your demand. You can get supported from our Virtual Receptionist services and she would be easily managing your clients from different demographic regions through our intelligent cloud telephony systems.

1300/1800 numbers

Have a Professional look with 13/1300/1800 numbers for your business. We offer free porting of 1300/1800 Numbers and instant activation through our intelligent cloud telephony systems. We can also port your existing 13, 1300, or 1800 numbersin cloud PBX and route the calls to your desired numbers or managed through our reception services.

Cloud PBX

We have our Cloud PBX Solution for Small Businesses across Australia and port the local landline numbers from the major cities. Our Cloud PBX is designed for the fast paced Australian businesses. You can connect from anywhere, geographically and keeps you independent from remaining local. Using soft phones on mobile devices, you can connect with your team together from any place – home, branch offices or from overseas. Our Cloud PBX solution comes with simple, affordable pricing structure. Try our cloud telephony felicity without any contracting period.

Cloud Telephony supports the custom IVR Configurations, setup the conference numbers, manage the Call Recordings and many more.

Inbound number

you can order phone number from major capital cities in Australia connect 1300/1800 number or order numbers from…

simultaneous ring

you call can be forwarded to multiple telephone numbers simultaneous. This can also include our call confirm feature…

Voicemail to email

any message that is left on your voicemail can be sent to you by email so you can listen to it from anywhere easily

Time Conditions

Calls can be diverted to different destinations based on time of day or days of the week, For example calls can be diverted straight to…

Ring Group

Ring group allows you to set a number of users on your cloud PBX to ring simultaneously, e.g. You can have a ring group for the sales…

Call Recording

call recording feature can be enabled for inbound and/or outbound calls. Each recording is then emailed to the email…


when a call is connected, our system can play pre-recorded greeting. After that it can play music to the caller while call is…

Voice menu

Interactive Voice response (IVR) menu provides callers with a greeting and number of interactive options which allows them to be…


if you are unable to pickup a call immediately the call can be placed in a queue with your customised music on hold.  Caller can be